Voter Outreach Project

DACA United SC is proud to partner with SC Appleseed on a voter outreach project. Our main goal is reaching voters by delivering important information on the future of DACA, what is at stake for DACA recipients, and, most importantly, what voters can do to protect DACA in South Carolina.

Why is DACA important in South Carolina? 

South Carolina is home to thousands of DACA recipients. Immigrants are an important part of the South Carolina workforce across all industries. These neighbors, business owners, taxpayers, and workers are part of South Carolina’s diverse and thriving communities, and make extensive contributions benefitting everyone in the state. 

Did you know?

According to a study done by the Pew Research Center in June 2020, 74% of Americans support legislation that provides permanent legal status to DACA recipients.

DACA's Contribution to the Economy:

“Just becoming a citizen”
isn’t an option for Dreamers

Most DACA recipients are not eligible for a green card. The main way to get a green card is by family reunification, through the sponsorship of an immediate relative or spouse. Even with a sponsor, individuals must return to their country of origin to apply for a green card. This creates a problem in itself; in some cases it leads to an automatic ban from returning to the US for a certain period (often three years on first offense or ten years on second offense.)

DACA recipients want to continue serving our communities with certainty, peace of mind, and affirmation that they belong in this country.

DACA is the future of South Carolina.

What can you do to protect DACA recipients in South Carolina?